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Starlink IPO

Starlink’s IPO value will depend on market conditions at the time of the listing and the performance of its parent company, SpaceX. In 2021, Morgan Stanley said that its base case valuation for StarLink was $81 billion. It is thought that SpaceX’s valuation in 2023 could be up to $127 billion.


TikTok, with a remarkable $220B valuation, is eyeing an IPO between 2023-2024. This potential IPO has captured the attention of the tech and finance world, as TikTok contends with social media heavyweights like Instagram and YouTube. 

Discord IPO

One of the most anticipated possible IPOs for 2023 is the social messaging platform Discord, which has a valuation of $15 billion. In late 2021, Discord raised $500 million. Dragoneer Investment Group, a U.S. investment fund focused on both public- and private-sector technology investments

Reddit IPO

Sources have said Reddit will be aiming to list in late 2023 provided market conditions stabilise. However, it’s equally likely they’re just keeping their filings up to date to make it easier when they do decide to list, whether that’s this year or not.

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