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Best returns in the market for passive investing!


In 2023 alone clients saw a 56% return on managed trading accounts*


Managed trading accounts are available for existing clients only.

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BW Financial Services has a proven track record of success, as evidenced by a remarkable 56% profit generated for clients in the previous year

This impressive performance demonstrates the expertise and skill of the company’s trading team, instilling confidence in investors and showcasing their ability to deliver substantial returns.

Benefits of BW’s managed trading accounts,

  • 0 trading fees
  • Last year alone we saw a 56% profit
  • Access to trades and stocks you otherwise can’t buy
  • Never miss an opportunity, we trade round the clock for you
  • Completely liquid, you can withdraw at anytime
  • Low minimum entry of only 25000 dollars

Trade With Powerful Tools & Insights

BW Financial Services offers managed trading accounts that provide numerous benefits for investors. Firstly, there are 0 trading fees, allowing clients to maximize their returns without incurring additional costs. Secondly, the company has a strong track record, as evidenced by a remarkable 56% profit last year alone. This demonstrates their expertise and ability to generate substantial returns for their clients. Additionally, BW provides access to trades and stocks that may not be available to individual investors, offering a unique opportunity to diversify and potentially increase profits. With round-the-clock trading, investors never miss out on lucrative opportunities as BW’s team actively manages their accounts. Moreover, these managed accounts are completely liquid, enabling clients to withdraw their funds at any time, providing flexibility and peace of mind.

Zero Account & Trading Fees

Our low fees have started a true revolution across Europe. We empower people from all different backgrounds to shape their own financial futures.

In 2013, BW Financial Services revolutionised retail investing with the launch of our online brokerage services in the Ireland, introducing a level playing field for retail investors. Since then, we have expanded across 16 European countries enabling retail investors everywhere to benefit from our incredibly low fees and award-winning platform. As a result, we have quickly become a leading broker in Europe.


*the performance represented is historical, and that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results and investors may not recover the full amount invested.

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